1Account Transfer-InFREE
4Deposit-Bill Payment (CAD Only)FREE*
5Deposit-Wire Transfer (CAD/USD)FREE*†
6Withdrawal-Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)FREE*††
7Partial Transfer out$50 per account
8Account Transfer Out$150 per account
9Withdrawal-Wire Transfer (CAD/USD)-Canada$50*†
10Withdrawal-Wire Transfer (USD)-International$100*
11DAP (C.O.D) Transfer In/Out$50 per name
12Courier (Canada)$45
13Courier (US)$75
14Courier (International)$100
15Registered Mail$20
16US RRSP, US Spousal RRSP & US LIRAUS $15 per quarter
17UK QROPSUS $150 per year
18US TFSAUS $15 per quarter
19RESP$25 per year
20US RESPUS $15 per quarter
21Account Administration Fee$24.95 per quarter†††
22Partial Deregistration Fee$25††††
23Full Deregistration Fee$50††††
24Lifelong learning plan (LLP) $25
25Home buyer's plan (HBP) partial deregistration$25
26Position Journal $25*
27DRS (Direct Registration System)$200 USD per name
28Certificate Deposit/Withdrawal$200 per Certificate / Name
29Certificate Deposit/Withdrawal Rush$450 per Certificate / Name
30Safekeeping of Certificate$50 per certificate / Month
31Research Request (Minimum 1 hour)$75 per hour
32Electronic Trade Confirmation (e-Confirmation)Free
33Cheque Cancellation Fee$50
34Electronic Monthly Statement (e-Statement)Free
35Paper Trade Confirmation$3
36Paper Monthly Account Statement$5
37Copy of Tax Statement$35 per account per year
38Copy of Monthly Statement$20 per account per month
39Option exercise/assignment$40
40NSF Cheque/Returned Items$50
41Stop Payment$25
42Unclaimed property$29.95 per quarter
43Estate transfer$250 per account
44Legend Removal Rule 144/33$300 per name
45Settlement of non-DTC eligible securities$450

* For cash or position movement from/to Commission-Free Account, $25 will be charged in addition to Regular Fees.

All administrative fees are in the currency of the applicable account.
† You may be charged by your financial institution for wiring out or receiving a wire.
†† Up to $25,000 CDN/USD per day.
††† $24.95 per quarter will be charged to each client's account if their combined total assets are lower than $5,000 or they do not complete at least one trade with a minimum commission of $1.99 per calendar quarter. Clients will be exempt from the account administration fee if they are under 26 years old or if their account is either a Commission-Free Trading Account, RESP account or a registered charity. If, in the following quarter after incurring the account administration fee, a client trades at least one trade with a minimum commission $1.99, commissions will be reimbursed up to $24.95 provided that the account remains opened at the end of the following quarter.
†††† Deregistration of TFSA withdrawals and RRIF minimum annual withdrawals are FREE.