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List administrative fees
Plan Type Jurisdiction English French
LIRA (Locked-In Retirement Account) Alberta Download
  British Columbia Download (PDF 123.2K)
  Manitoba Download (PDF 140.6K)

New Brunswick Download (PDF 121.7K) Download (PDF 131.5K)

Newfoundland and Labrador Download (PDF 174.9K)
  Nova Scotia Download (PDF 216.3K)  
  Ontario Download (PDF 68.5K) Download (PDF 111.2K)
  Quebec Download (PDF 154K) Download (PDF 103.5K)
  Saskatchewan Download (PDF 42.6K)  
LRSP (Locked-In RSP) Federal Download (PDF 134.6K) Download (PDF 140.3K)
PRIF (Prescribed RIF) Manitoba

Saskatchewan Download (PDF 123.4K)
LIF (Life Income Fund) Alberta Download
  British Columbia Download  
Download (PDF 214.1K)
  New Brunswick
Download (PDF 126.7K) Download (PDF 139.8K)
  Newfoundland and Labrador
Download (PDF 201.1K)
  Nova Scotia
Download (PDF 237.8K)  
Download (PDF 140.4K) Download (PDF 114.3K)
Download (PDF 174.1K) Download (PDF 242.3K)
  Federal Download (PDF 138.6K) Download (PDF 151.5K)