At Virtual Brokers (“VB”) the protection of client privacy and personal information is of paramount importance. All client information is kept strictly confidential, and is never disclosed, except with the explicit written consent of the client or by the order of proper legal authority. For complete details, please see VB’s privacy policy.

In the course of providing you with brokerage services, VB may collect, use, disclose personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). In order to comply with the Act, consent must be given for the collection, use or disclosure of an individual’s personal information.

For VB to open an account and provide brokerage services, it must from time to time collect, or obtain from third party sources, certain personal information as prescribed by law and industry standards and regulations. Personal information can include, but is not limited to, all information provided on the new account application and related documents, cheques, all records related to trading in securities and cash transactions, information from credit reporting agencies and other financial institutions.

VB uses your personal information in order to open, maintain and administer your accounts; verify your identity and protect against fraud; assess your suitability for certain products, services and trading privileges ; and to comply with industry-specific regulations and applicable federal and provincial laws. For regulatory purposes, self-regulatory organizations including the Investment Regulatory Organization of Canada, the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada, Bourse de Montreal Inc., and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (collectively, "SROs") require access to personal information of current and former clients, employees, agents, directors, officers, partners and others that has been collected or used by VB. SROs collect, use or disclose such personal information obtained from Regulated Persons for regulatory purposes such as Surveillance of trading-related activity; sales, financial compliance, trade desk review and other regulatory audits; Investigation of potential regulatory and statutory violations; Regulatory databases; Enforcement or disciplinary proceedings; Reporting to securities regulators; and Information-sharing with securities regulatory authorities, regulated marketplaces, other self-regulatory organizations and relevant law enforcement agencies within any territory regarding any of the preceding activities. All physical and electronic client personal information is protected, safeguarded and kept in strict confidence.

Client Personal information can only be accessed by authorized personnel for the sole purpose of executing their tasks and responsibilities. Personal information can otherwise only be accessed by a legal request, a court ruling or an authorised government agency. In any such cases, these requests will be processed by our legal department. Third parties currently established in a business relationship with our firm, can have limited access to selected relevant information only. All information provided to such parties will be used in a highly confidential manner within the framework of a confidentiality agreement. Your personal information is stored only as long as it is required and/or as dictated by law.

Virtual Brokers Electronic Communications Agreement

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