Welcome to the Virtual Brokers Student Centre. Here we connect you with sources of information to help you increase your knowledge about finances, money, and investing, and most importantly, saving for your future.

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The benefits of starting young

Every stage of life has its financial challenges. For many students, investing and generating savings can seem like a distant reality. However, the effects of compound interest and long term saving can exponentially increase savings overtime. It is a smart decision to get a head start and take advantage of the perks.

What are your goals?

Every life stage can be identified with a specific goal in mind towards savings. It is important that we focus on what you require; whether it's making loan repayments, or making a first big purchase (house or car). View what stage of life you may belong and start your investing plan today.

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Kick Start Investment Program (KIP)

Virtual Brokers' Kick Start Investment Program (KIP), a revolutionary concept in online investing, is simple, valuable and cost effective. This service is designed to help encourage savings and investment for students and recent graduates.

Simple, reliable service
Every month, Virtual Brokers KIP service will transfer an amount specified by the account holder from their bank account to their Virtual Brokers Account. The funds will then be used to purchase up to 5 different Canadian or US Stocks or ETFs, according to client instructions.

Cost Effective
There are no commission charges for the automatic monthly purchases. In addition, there are no annual fees for clients who are students or recent graduates (within the last 2 years). All other clients will be subject to an annual fee of $50 CAD.

To take advantage of this service, simply select "Kick Start Investment Program" under "Account Services" in the dashboard. Select a monthly amount and your investment choices and we take care of the rest!