ETF/ETN Research Centre

With the vast and growing array of ETFs and ETNs in the market, choosing the right one for your portfolio can become overwhelming.

Fortunately, Virtual Brokers ETF/ETN Centre empowers you to efficiently find U.S. and Canadian listed ETFs/ETNs that match your strategy. You can create highly customized screens based on a variety of categories including Type (ETF vs. ETN), Exchange, Asset Class, Sector, Family, Regional Focus, Leverage, Inverse, and MER.

You can accelerate your search by selecting from pre-defined screen parameters such as Canadian Equity, U.S. Equity, Currency, Precious Metals, Energy, Technology and Financial. ETFs or ETNs can also be simultaneously compared to find the ones that best match your investment goals. Candidate ETFs/ETNs can then be analyzed with Value Analyzer™ and Technical Insight™ tools to identify fundamental and technical opportunities.

Investing in ETFs commission-free means that you can take full advantage of the typical cost efficiencies of ETFs. All of the ETFs we offer represents a set of well-rounded opportunities for your ETF investment needs.