Our trading platforms are designed to deliver best in class experience. Depending on your trading preferences and focus, you can select a platform that delivers the trading experience best suited to your needs.

To help you select the platform most suitable to your trading needs, we suggest you consider the following factors:

  1. Do you prefer an application or web-based platform?
    1. Application-based: PowerTrader Pro™, VB Wave
    2. Web-based: VB WebTrader

  2. Are you an active trader?

    PowerTrader Pro™, VB Wave

  3. Are you interested in trading complex options?

    PowerTrader Pro™, VB WebTrader, VB Wave

  4. Are you a professional trader?

    IRESS, ITS, RealTick

VB Wave


Introducing VB WAVE, the new trading platform from Virtual Brokers. This intermediate/advanced trading platform provides plenty of functions and features for any online trader...

VB WebTrader v3.8


VB WebTrader v3.8 is an industry-leading feature rich web-based trading platform that allows trading of equities, options, bonds, and mutual funds, all from a single interface...

VB WebTrader Light


WebTrader Light is Virtual Brokers' solution for clients who prefer simplified order entry. A unique feature in the online trading industry, you can easily toggle between the light and full version...

PowerTrader Pro™ 10.4


Developed for active traders, PowerTrader Pro™ was originally available for institutional level investors only. Now, Virtual Brokers' clients can access the diverse range of trading tools including in-depth charting...



A sophisticated trading platform that is designed from the ground up for scalability, flexibility and performance. Iress provides real-time quotes, sophisticated equity order routing and best price execution...

ITS TraderLite


ITS TraderLite provides a high-performance trading platform across all Canadian marketplaces. It allows the user to configure various displays based on how they want to work...



RealTick EMS is designed for traders who need a fast, seamless access to global liquidity and advanced real-time analytics. This trading platform provides user with centralized access to aggregated liquidity...

Power Trader® Mobile


Stay connected to the market and your accounts with our state-of-the-art BlackBerry, iPhone and Android native mobile apps. They are designed to be user-friendly, fast, secure and reliable...