VB Wave

Introducing VB WAVE, the new trading platform from Virtual Brokers. This intermediate/advanced trading platform provides plenty of functions and features for any online trader. Get all your stock news, level 2 quotes, trade equities or options, check account balance or order status, create custom audio alerts and watch lists all on one desktop platform.

We’ve integrated an ample amount of popular features from our previous platforms like; live streaming quotes, real-time charts, news, fully customizable window layout, numerous indicator options and multiple watch lists with import export/capability.

This isn’t just a platform with extra bells and whistles, we know the importance of a trading platform so we made the functions quick and simple for anyone to use, but sophisticated enough to perform the heavy lifting for a professional day trader.

To start using VB Wave, please create a New Ticket in the Support Centre (Category: New Inquires). Our trade support team will then respond with your login credentials for the VB Wave Platform.

**Please Note: Any Data Feeds selected after installation will be charged to your account

For more information on data fees, please contact the trade desk at: 1.877.310.1088 x 2 or create a ticket through the Support Centre.

View full user guide here

Start trading with Virtual Brokers VB Wave today!